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Labels created since January
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A technical platform, connected to the whole logistic eco-system of E-merchants (Carriers / Marketplaces / CMS), centralises all your customers' orders and enables you to manage efficiently your logistic (printing labels, packing orders, tracking shipments)

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Our transport solution can be plugged in to any web app, e-commerce CMS or marketplace

Benefit from a new turnkey service

Centralize easily all your sales channels

Boost your sales

Offer new shipping options to your customers

Optimize your shipping process

Save time on shippings and focus more on your core business

Improve your customer experience

Offer a real time tracking and enhance your customers' loyalty



Sell on your different channels


Cdiscount Transport centralizes all your orders in one tool


Print in one click your shipping labels from your interface


Ship your packages to your customers with your carriers


Print your labels in 1 click, with our transport partners (Colissimo, DHL, Chronopost, Mondial relay, Delivengo, GLS...). We import all your shipping data (weight, addresses, contact information... ) from 70 different Marketplaces and from your own website too.

The automation of this step saves you a lot of time and reduces human errors.


Centralize and streamline to make it easier to read your preparatory bills on all your orders from your sale channels (Marketplaces and your own website). Thanks to Cdiscount transport, make your pickers' life easier during the picking step.

Having a unique preparatory bill ease up the reading. You can print all your preparatory bills of all your orders in one click, that's a lot of time saved !

It is faster, more reliable and more efficient !



Shipping from France starting from * :

* The prices may change depending on the volume shipped

€3,60 excl tax

Pick-Up & Go Delivery

€5,67 excl tax

Standard Delivery

€10,04 excl tax

Express Delivery

€7,86 excl tax

Europe Delivery

Benefit from our negociated rates with our transport partners. You can also use your own transport rates and profilt from our technical solution to manage your label printing.

The Pack


excl tax/month


Transport negociated rates

The main options
  • Collect orders
  • Preparatory bills, Grouped printing, Different formats available
  • Label printing
  • Automated package tracking
  • Complete orders
  • Weight management by product
  • Multi-user license
  • Support with a ticketing tool
  • Unlimited number of marketplaces
  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Unlimited products
  • Product position management (setup estimation needed)
  • Product matching management : lots & packs (setup estimation needed)
  • Etc…
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The Cdiscount transport solution offers you to use the services of the following carriers :

  • DHL 
  • Chronopost
  • Colissimo
  • Mondial Relay
  • TNT

The using of your own transport contracts and rates on Cdiscount transport (provided that the carrier is already plugged in the platform) is an available option under conditions*.

For more information, contact our team at this email address :

* The applicable conditions to this option are :

  • Setup fees of €75 will be invoiced to you for each transport contract plugged in (we will invoice you once at the signing of the contract)
  • All our transport labels bought from your own transport contracts will be invoiced at €0,20 excl tax.
  • All your claims and restrictions from your carrier will be addressed directly by you.

Create or cancel labels one by one is a basic feature of Cdiscount transport, it is an easy and quick action.

To create a label, you just need to click on the tab "Generate label" :

  • Once you have found the order related to the label you want to create, you can click on the button "Generate label".
  • To cancel a label, you just need to go in the tab "Shipping" in your order, then click on the button "Cancel". The cancellation of a label only removes it from the delivery note, that's why this operation is impossible when the delivery note is created or if there is no note for this type of label.

For more information, you can check the tutorials available on the Cdiscount transport platform. Click on the question mark on the top left of the page, then "Documentation".


The purpose of Cdiscount Transport is to manage all your orders and shippings, the first step is to connect your marketplaces and CMS (provided that the CMS is plugged in the platform).

On the left menu, click on "Configuration", then on the first block "External services". Afterwards, you click on the button "add" and choose the platform you would like to connect to. You can rename it if you want. It can be useful when you have multiple accounts on the same platform.

For more information, you can check the tutorials available on the Cdiscount transport platform. Click on the question mark on the top left of the page, then on "Documentation", and after that on "Configurations" and finally on "Connect to a marketplace".

In order to contact the Cdiscount transport support, you have to open a ticket directly on the platform.

Click on the question mark on the top left of the page, then on "Contact support".

When you are in the support centre, you have an overview of all the tickets. You can open a new ticket by clicking on the button "Raise an issue".

Then, you have to fill all the fileds necessary to a new ticket, starting by choosing the type of request.

When you have filled out the form, you can click on "Send my request to support".

We will answer in 48 hours (during the business week).


The service is billed the following month of your use of transport.

If you are a Cdiscount merchant, you will be charged through the classic Cdiscount payment model on the 25th of the following month. You can also choose to pay by SEPA direct debit, you will be charged around the 20th of the following month.

For example, you will be debited on your bank account June the 20th on your consumption of May. However if you chose to be debited with the classic Cdiscount payment model, this invoice will be debited from your payment June the 25th.